an RPN stack calculator for console users

an improved /usr/bin/dc for engineers

DCI is an RPN calculator console application, written in Perl. It is modeled after /usr/bin/dc but adds scientific functions such as logarithm, exponential, trigonometry, complex value conversion, and more. DCI's target audience is engineers and scientists who need an efficient RPN calculator but left their HP at work.

Usage is similar to /usr/bin/dc; see README.txt for details.

DCI runs anywhere Perl is installed. Mac and most Unix are supported out-of-the-box; Windows requires the installation of ActiveState Perl, Cygwin, or similar.

Download the latest version of dci: v1.1a1.

View README.txt.


Visit the DCI project page at SourceForge.net.

all of this is copyright 2006 pete gamache all rights reversed